Lawn Overseeding

Our Lawn Overseeding Services

Lawns in Georgia often face challenges from extended drought periods and poor soil conditions, resulting in dead and bare spots. Our overseeding services are designed to refresh and thicken lawns at their root system, offering a rejuvenated look that surpasses even fresh sod. These services are available for residential and commercial properties in and around Kennesaw.

Lawns require replenishing periodically, especially considering various weather conditions and constant foot traffic that can impact their health and appearance. Signs of thinning or increased weed presence may become noticeable.

Through overseeding, new grass seeds are evenly spread across your lawn to achieve the following:

  1. Fill in thinning or bare areas with no growth
  2. Enhance resilience to pests and disease
  3. Increase the thickness of your existing turf
  4. Suppress weed growth

Our overseeding services aim to revitalize your lawn, ensuring it remains lush and resilient.